Aimee Baca

Aimee Baca

Who is Aimee?

Aimee Baca graduated from the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) with a degree in fine arts and an emphasis in printmaking. She began her art career by selling dreamcatchers on the street when she was 17 years old to pay her way through college.

About her work

As an artist and printmaker, Baca uses an etching press to

impress her art onto wood. Inspired by nature's continuous beauty - like that of a beehive - to share messages of harmony, unity, and abundance.

“I used to take eucalyptus branches and bend them into a circle and I would weave the web and put feathers underneath it,” Baca said. “I had so many dreamcatchers you couldn’t see my ceiling in my dorm room, so I put them all in a suitcase by downtown Santa Cruz and I sat on the sidewalk.

“From that experience, I learned that you are in control of the wealth that you want,” she continued. “Dreaming is the first step. Having a dream, and then setting that intention turns into action and action turns into results.”

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"Dreaming is the first step."
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