Acorn of Protection

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Apotropaic Series: Acorn throughout time have been seen as a sign of protection and fortune! Witches in the woods would pass each other acorns as a sign they’re in safe company... Thor was believed to be protected by an oak tree, and thusly acorns protect your home from lightning entering the window. They are a sign of youth and health; protects from aches and aging when in the pocket.

In my homage to the mighty acorn, I have two witches hands passing an acorn with an all seeing eye, while the nordic runes for protection dangle from their bracelets and lightning is diverted away. May this artifact inspire protective practices in you for both body and world.

In response to all that’s going on I’ve decided my next release of designs will revolve around apotropaic symbols and charms. “Apotropaic” basically means averting bad luck. I want to adorn you with protective designs and fortune bringing icons to bestow comfort and ease to your stressed travels.

This artifact is hand fused to black combed cotton blend t-shirts with a matte silver design, various styles and sizes upon request. Hand made in San Diego. With gloves on.

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