Alleged Unjinx

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Apotropaic Series: Apotropaic Series: Alleged Unjinx... I’ve always loved that all-over look on the designs of magic candles, with all their esoteric visual charms and symbols. And now you can have that all-over luck as well, with this Unjinx shirt, featuring crossed keys knotted into an ancient symbol of protection, flanked by lit candles, 4-leaf clovers, Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Signs, and more. May you have luck in these trying times.

In response to all that’s going on I’ve decided my next release of designs will revolve around apotropaic symbols and charms. “Apotropaic” basically means averting bad luck. I want to adorn you with protective designs and fortune bringing icons to bestow comfort and ease to your stressed travels.

Hand made in San Diego. With gloves on.

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