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The final sticker in the initial Retro-Halloween series is “Draw Blood”. Whenever I hear that term, this is what pops in my mind: a vampire literally drawing a picture of blood! After I was done creating it, I realized it sort of gives me a True Blood vibe, too. Printed on classic holographic vinyl to get that 80s/90s vending machine sticker feel.

About 4" tall and 3.25" wide.

The Retro-Halloween Sticker Machine

An Oak Eye Merch is expanding into the Art Vending Machine universe, and my latest creation is the "Retro-Halloween Sticker Machine". Refurbishing an old sticker machine to do my bidding, with each of the stickers in this Halloween-inspired series I wanted to take a phrase, make it surreal, and then visualize it like a vintage sticker from a late 80s/early 90s vending machine.

On display at The Urban Art Shop in San Diego, CA, and at some local shows in the near future.

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