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Fifth but not final sticker created for the Retro-Halloween Sticker Machine is “Make Believer”! Peer into her crystal ball as our Mistress of the Mysteries divines truths and lies through various mystic mediums. My vision was to channel these stickers in the style of classic horror comics. Printed on classic holographic vinyl to get that 80s/90s vending machine sticker feel.

About 4" tall and 3.25" wide.

The Retro-Halloween Sticker Machine

An Oak Eye Merch is expanding into the Art Vending Machine universe, and my latest creation is the "Retro-Halloween Sticker Machine". Refurbishing an old sticker machine to do my bidding, with each of the stickers in this Halloween-inspired series I wanted to take a phrase, make it surreal, and then visualize it like a vintage sticker from a late 80s/early 90s vending machine.

On display at The Urban Art Shop in San Diego, CA, and at some local shows in the near future.

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