We are a collective of creatives—printers, engravers, designers, illustrators, painters, makers—working to elevate the output and outreach of San Diego's artistic community.

We see the gap between the artist's studio and the gallery walls, and have honed our skills, aligned our talents, and utilize the latest equipment to bring local and international artists a fresh choice.

The Urban Art Shop was created with a vision of teaming-up with artists and creatives of all styles to raise their work to the next level. We seek to achieve this: through helping realize a new step in production using specialized printing, varnishes, and unique materials. To help better showcasing artist's work by utilizing our in-house mounting, engraving, and finishing capabilities; or taking their artwork into the marketplace through high-quality reproductions, custom home/office décor, and more.

Looking outward, we see the industry that exists around self-produced and promoted art can be distant and unwieldy. With uncertain quality controls and high-run quantity limits, artist's can find options limited on how to best show and share their creations. Working with our growing community of artists hands-on we flip the quality versus quantity scenario on it’s head by offering limited edition gallery-ready productions, inexpensive marketing options, and smaller runs for retail pieces.

We decided that although we appreciate the galleries, bars, coffeeshops and eateries that offer their walls to San Diego’s artists, we wanted to create our own space, our own channel, our own perspective. Through the development of our personalized workspace and showplace in Bankers Hill— as well as through various and expanding online outlets—we work with our enlarging cadre of creatives to spread their vision and latest productions to the masses, via mass media and massive attention to detail.

In short: When a show is coming up, we want to be there to help artists prepare: We’ll make sure you have cards, flyers, giclée-quality reproductions on-hand, all while being represented through our web channels, social spaces, and neighborhood networks. Between shows, keep the studio lights on by selling your work on our various marketing options like mugs, notebooks, acrylic desk art, and more.

We have been curating great artists from all over the world for our upcoming physical, and online store.

Join The Urban Art Shop.