T. Jay Santa Ana

T. Jay Santa Ana

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Founder @residenciaranchitoaurora
Studio X at @arthubmakes
2151 Logan Ave. San Diego

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I’m fascinated by Time, Space, and Line As an artist navigating through life, the external journey has always been a reflection of the internal journey, with me being the one who translates the in-between, the artist who is the conduit, the interpreter. My name is T. Jay Santa Ana and I’m an abstract surrealist. I paint and I draw from a place that is emotional at its core, colored by symbolism, and intrigued by the subconscious. Usually in my work there is a face that reminds me of my temporary humanity and fingers that point to other realities which have deeply impacted my art; parallel realities and several moments existing together side by side, simultaneously.

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"The work I create is always the culmination of who I was, who I am, and where I’ve been..."
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