Mary Jhun

Mary Jhun

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✍︎︎ Surrealist Painter of The Girls
☏ Working in California
♡︎ Commissions REOPEN March 1st
🛋 Open Thurs Fri: 11-3pm | Sat Sun: 1-5pm

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Mary Jhun was born in Cavite, Philippines in 1989 and moved to the States in the mid-‘90s. Her struggle with English and making friends as a kid was what pushed her need to draw when she was in elementary school. “I gave a drawing of a bird to a boy when I was eight and he became my friend without me saying a word. That was when I knew I wanted to use art first and foremost as my voice.” The girls and beings that constantly carry Jhun’s work throughout the years act as a vase to all her memories and the stories of others. A result of a 15+ years of obsession of coping traumatic experiences, the girls have been the main focus of her documentation of surviving everyday life, past and present. Inter locking our psychology to biology of plants & architecture, Jhun creates stories through our deeper emotions.

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"I wanted to use art first and foremost as my voice."
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