Trish Amante

Trish Amante

Who is Trish?

Born and raised in a suburb of Detroit, Trish Amante relocated to San Diego in 1994. Though not formally trained in art, she brought from The Motor City a love of tinkering in her blood, which lends itself well to the art of Assemblage. Her first piece was created using a porcelain doll head, a cactus, and random lamp parts: from that moment, she was hooked!

About her work

Trish primarily utilizes discarded porcelain dolls offest with other reclaimed materials such as antiqued flowers, repurposed vintage frames, random lamp fixtures with modern lighting, and more. She replaces the bodies of these dolls with found objects and reclaimed materials to bring them into a new life; making them unique again, interesting, and loved once more.

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"...hailing from The Motor City, she has tinkering in her blood..."
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