M. Waylon Harrell

M. Waylon Harrell

Who is Waylon?

Raw and organic is being re-imagined through the vision and talent of native Floridian, now San Diego resident, Mark “Waylon” Harrell.  Waylon’s innate gift as an artist began to take root and develop in elementary school.  Growing up in Vero Beach, Florida, a town comprised of economic and social inequalities, Waylon embraced a medium that expressed the many disparities of his childhood through color.  At the young age of five, Waylon showed his first painting.  After receiving both wide acceptance and rave reviews by teachers and staff, Waylon was recognized and won the young artist award at his school.  It was then that the young Waylon fully accepted his unique talent of interpreting his emotions onto a blank canvas with paint and brushes.

About his work

As Waylon grew as an artist from the late 1980s on, few passions identified the young creative's mind more than skateboarding, music and art. These helped foment an energetic and eclectic DIY pastiche of paint, found imagery, and raw forms.  All on self-stretched canvases, reclaimed wood, shoes... you name it. Recently, Waylon has been experimenting with more angular, non-objective flowing geometry and eye-popping colors and contrast.


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