Who is DotsOne?

Starting in 2010 with a few sticker slaps I was given the name Dots as a joke among friends, but I wanted to evolve more as an individual.  It was a tough road but after many "I cant do this" moments, I broke away from the small characters and began to show the world DotsOne.

Entering a new scene of art shows that I had never experienced before, I was finally able to display my art. I was lucky enough to be a part of The Heart of Lucha in 2010 hosted by Ruben Torres, founder of the do-good organization Love Thy Neighbor which provides clothes and toys to children struck by poverty in Tijuana. Being part of an amazing show led by an equally as inspiring person such as Ruben left me with an itch for more. Over the next two years I pushed myself. Continuing with the name DotsOne, I began to practice everyday really aiming to hone in on my craft. Acrylic paints, paint markers, Sakura Pens, rubber stamps, stencils, water colors, felt work, and even latte art became my mediums; as well as, an essential part of my lifestyle as I continued to explore my creativity.

As I continue to grow, I have taken everything I have learned from watching my Nana, Tia and Mother about being your own vendor.  With Handmade by Boby, a craftswoman, floral crown maker and most importantly my Mother, I’ve participated in events for Dia De Los Muertos all around San Diego beginning in 2013.  I have since participated in The Day Of The Muse hosted by the women of Queendom Tribe in 2015 held at the Chicano Art Gallery, the For Love of Pixar show in 2016 and the Heart of Boxing with Ruben Torres in 2017. Along with participating in local art shows, I have also had the pleasure of creating a few pop up shops with collage maker Peggy Chill, the beautiful Irie Iye of Brujitax Del Barrio, and the Brujitax Del Barrio's Magical Manifestion Art/ Fundraiser show in 2018 at the Chicano Art Gallery.

About her work

Through my art, I've learned to love and appreciate myself as well as, learning to accept the magic of my art. Challenging myself each time I set forth on a new creative journey has allowed me to spread positivity through my art.  My goal is to connect with a vast variety of artists who choose to spread their magic through art. I hope to use my artistic connections to help others in "Connecting the Dot" not just within my community, but OUR community, all around the world. Everything starts with a dot...   

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"Through my art, I've learned to love and appreciate myself as well as, learning to accept the magic of my art. "
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