UAS at the Frida Kahlo Art Show and Friducha Market

UAS at the Frida Kahlo Art Show and Friducha Market

On July 7th, the Urban Art Shop was excited to be part of the Frida Kahlo Art Show & Friducha Market sponsored by the La Bodega Gallery in Barrio Logan, San Diego. Frida Kahlo has always been considered one of Mexico’s greatest artists, and we joined over 40 artists and vendors that day in a street-style celebration of the life and creations of Frida with art, craft, and food vendors along with music in the "Friducha Market".

We set out a project before us: find inspiration in the self-portraits of Frida Kahlo, as they seek to capture the Surrealist view she adopted to both her view of nature, the world, and also her view of fashion! To celebrate these wonderful and important ideas we designed, printed, laser-cut, and hand-crafted a variety of original pieces: stretched and coasters, window decor, pins, mugs, flip-flops, necklaces,  earrings, and more.

One pair of self-portraits we loved highlighted Frida's merging of natural and manmade into items such as jewelry, so we sought to capture this concept. In various materials and colors, we aimed to honor her amazing necklace of hummingbirds and earrings of hands with our own laser-cut renditions.



We spent some time specially designing and hand-tooling all of the items, fostering each idea from idea to fully-formed creation ready to sell,  such as the floral acrylic widow hangers:

As well as the in-house design and printed Star Wars Frida stickers:

By far one of our most popular items at yesterday’s Frida Festival and Market was our “Abolish I.C.E.” stickers! Not just because we gave them out for free, but people came directly to the table, truly excited to share in the message. We had some amazing and powerful conversations about culture, freedom, and the future.

All in all a very successful day of meeting, greeting, outreach, and connections as we shared in the culture and creativity of Barrio Logan!

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